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Since its fondation in 2010 - Tourisgroup-travel, known a great expansion beyond the limits of its expectations, for this purpose, Tourisgroup had restructured its website by creating a new searchable Travel site on http://www.tourisgroup.com/ - still in development and dedicated to tourists from any places of the world and for all kinds groups, to Israel ...
Today Tourisgroup is able to expand its business with the development of his team...


 You are between 18 and 78 years ?
You are motivatedand dynamic
 You aresmiling andlikecontact
Havea job orwant tosupplement yourpurposes- (You arethe only masterof your time)
You are bilingual (English is appreciated) /[this conditionis not necessarilyessential]
Vous avez une petite ou aucune expérience dans le tourisme …
Vous êtes à l’aise au téléphone
Vous avez une bonne maîtrise de l’informatique [this conditionis not necessarilyessential]

  • We guaranteea personalassistant andfollowed bytelephone link
  • A little training will be provided with effective and simple tools to use
  • No need to be knowledgeable in tourism
  • The pay is quickly very motivating
  • Numerous other advantageswill be listedupon contact
  • Afirsttelephone interviewwill bewith applicantsto the program.
  • Whereveryou are, andwithout movingfrom home,Tourisgroupoffers your employmentat home.

For registration or more information, thank you to contact Deborah :

deborah@tourisgroup.com mentioningin the subject:
"Membership application"

And we will not fail to reply within 48 hours upon receipt of your mail !!!

Data Protection Act-Personal details and information will never be used for any purpose other than that this site was designed. They will remain confidential and will never be transmitted or disclosed to others without your permission. Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978


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Tourisgroup est une équipe dynamique disponible et efficace. Ils ont réussi à m'...

Sent by lelievre - 13/06/2016 at 20:57:55
bonjour tourisgroup J'ai été enchantée de faire ce circuit très riche d'I...

Sent by Isabelle - 23/03/2014 at 14:35:00

Rien à dire - c'est de la perfection, j'ai eu l'occasion de...