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Une terre deux Nations
Une terre deux Nations
Tel aviv by night


Durée : 8 Days - 7 Nights
Pension : Full board

Discover Israel* - With the large classical sites, captivating and touching stories on the coexistence between Jews and Arabs peoples...

Israeli of Haifa (Judeo-Arabic Cultural Centre Beit Hagueffen), on the Israeli Jews and Arabs in the villages of Wadi Ara region, the Palestinian autonomous areas, the Jewish inhabitants of the West Bank and their prospects future, and at a forum of Jewish and Arab parents, working for the agreement for: The land of two nations !...

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  • Upon your landing in Ben-Gurion International Airport, you will be expected by your guide for your transfer to Tel Aviv.
  • After checking into the hotel, you will make your first impressions of this welcoming city, you might opt for a gentle stroll on the "Tayeleth" of Tel Aviv.
  • Dinner and overnight in Tel Aviv.

Hotel_Tel Aviv
Arrival in Tel-Aviv


  • After breakfast, we will visit the White City of Tel-Aviv, one of the jewels of architecture Bauhaus (listed in UNESCO heritage). Our guide will talk about the early days of the establishment of the State of Israel.
  • Drive to the ancient port city of Caesarea, one of the seats of the Roman government in the region. An audio-visual show will replay the history of the Romans and Christians before starting the tour remains.
  • Continue to Haifa, the largest port city in Israel which is also a model of coexistence between Jewish and Arab citizens. We visit the beautiful Bahai Gardens and the Bab's Shrine (World Heritage of UNESCO). Breathtaking views over the bay of Haifa.
  • In the afternoon, we meet members of Judeo-Arab Cultural Centre Beit-Hagueffen, which we will get to the heart of the center's activities and challenges of coexistence in Haifa.
  • Dinner and overnight in Haifa


Haifa (Bahaï's Gardens)


  • We begin our day with the old Crusader town of St. Jhon of Acre (Akko), which reached the seats of Richard the Lion Heart and Napoleon. (World Heritage of UNESCO).
  • Heading north along the coast to discover the underwater caves of Rosh-Hanikra, the waves of the Mediterranean Sea have carved over thousands of years. The descent to the site, near the Lebanese border, is by cable car.
  • We then drive along the Lebanese border until at Kibbutz Misgav Am. A Kibbutz member will bring his testimony about life in this region and the political situation at the border. In the afternoon, towards Banias, one of the main sources of the Jordan River, and visit the ancient biblical city of Caesarea Philippi. We will discover on foot the eponymous National Park with its interesting remains.
  • Dinner and overnight at Kibbutz.

St-John of Acre


DAY 4 :
Galilee / Capernaum / Wadi Ara / Kfar Bartaa

  • After breakfast, we will visit the Christians around the Sea of ​​Galilee sites: the Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum and Tabgha.
  • Continue to Wadi Ara, a region where Jews, Arabs and Palestinians interact daily. We will visit Amna, an Arab woman from the Kfar-Kara's village, who through her personal history, will enable us to take a critical look at the status of women in Israeli Muslim society.
  • Visit of the Kfar Bartaa Souk, a village divided by the Green Line separating Israel from the Palestinian territories. During a meeting with the people, we try to understand the complexity of the geopolitical situation in the region.
  • Driving to Jerusalem via our collaborator of palestinian authority . Change and as a guide to reach your hotel in Bethlehem.
  • Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem.


Kfar Bartaa Souk


  • Our visit to the Palestinian territory begins with the classic view of Bethlehem in the grotto of the Church of the Nativity and the Shepherds' Field.
  • We will continue to visit either Bethlehem University was established in the West Bank or Talitha Kumi School in Beit Jallah which provides accelerated and demanding Palestinian boys and girls growing up in a stressful environment education.
  • The next stop will be in the oldest city in the world, Jericho. Here, we will go to the Palestinian Centre Mosaic (Mosaic Palestinian Center), a local initiative that attempts to revive the art of Byzantine mosaics.
  • Later we will visit the Palace of Hisham where we will find a large mosaic in the courtroom. From there, we will take the cable car to visit the Mount of Temptation and excavations.
  • For dinner, we will invited by an Israeli family to enjoy the local cuisine and learn first hand how the situation is understood by the "little people".
  • Dinner and overnight in Bethlehem.



DAY 6 :

  • After breakfast, we drive to the checkpoint border where we will find our Israeli bus and tour guide. We head to the Dead Sea, 400 meters below the sea level, the lowest point on Earth! The first stop is at Ein Gedi National Park. The hike to the waterfall is beautiful, and the fact it is said that it was from here that King David hid from King Saul makes this trip even more impressive. (1Samuel 24:1-22 - Eng).
  • From there we go to the rock fortress of Masada. We take the cable car up and down. Here you can still see the restored ruins of Herod's palace and buildings of its population. These buildings were occupied by the last Jews between 70-73 AD, during the siege of the rock by the Romans.
  • It is finally time to take a dip in the Dead Sea, a very special experience, because its water has a salt content and very high minerals.
  • On the way to Jerusalem, we stop at a winery, which was founded and run by Israeli settlers. We take this opportunity tasting for an interview.
  • Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.

Dead Sea


DAY 7 :

DAY 8 :

  • After breakfast. Free time depending on your flight, then transfer to the Tel Aviv International airport to board flight back home.

Arkia Airline

Tourisgroup wish you a pleasant trip to Israel, the Land of YOUR story ...
Specializing group tour organized in israel

Extension (on request) of extra three days to insert from Tiberias...



After the Jewish state, we refer you to cross the border into Hussein Arab territory towards Jordan and Amman for a panoramic tour: ancient Philadelphia, a city that blends the old and the modern. you will discover the Citadel on top of a hill where you can admire a magnificent panorama of the old town with amphitheater nestled amidst urban city. The Roman Theatre and 6,000 seats and the Archaeological Museum which traces the rich history of this small country of the Paleolithic era to the Ottoman era, the famous and beautiful "Road of Kings"; certainly the most picturesque road of Jordan..

Among many amazing sites along this road, perched on a plateau 1036 meters above the level of the Dead Sea, you then discover Madaba where very interesting Byzantine mosaics of the sixth century, the best known are those of St. George's Church. They reproduce a map of Palestine in the sixth century with a plan of Jerusalem.

petra-jordanie_patrimoine-mondialContinue to Nebo-Mount , the highest point of the Moab Mountains where Moses contemplated the Promised Land. Beautiful panorama where you'll see the source that brought forth Moses striking the ground with his stick, for a visit of the impressive castle of Kerak, built by the Crusaders in the twelfth century and known as the "Krak de Moab ". Galleries, towers, chapels and ramparts recall the valor of 5000 Crusaders who were besieged there by the troops of the famous Saladin. And finally to the south and arrived late in the day to Petra, the apotheosis of the trip.

  • To select this extension of 3 additional days, the estimate will depend on the number of persons to notify us when booking ...
  • Other extensions can custom beings and studied on quote.

Terms & Conditions:

A. Payment
- It's the policy of Tourisgroup, to receive full payment 20 days before each departure from our travelers
B. Exit - The counter can be done 21 days before departure
C. We reserve the right to change the sequence of the tour as long as we include all the sites presented in the program (especially during peak seasons)
D. We could notify a stop sale for specific dates.
E. Policy and cancellation fees
72 hours prior to arrival - no cancellation fee.
Less than 72 hours - 17% of the package price will be charged.
For dates of operation in July and August 2014
Until 30 days before arrival date no - no cancellation fee.
Less than 30 days - 27% of the package price will be charged.

This program is not recommended for people with physical disabilities, but can be adapted on request for this, please please please contact us before confirming the booking.

Guided tour

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To get the most out of your visit to Israel, we recommend that you book a professional guide. Give us your feedback and we will provide various suggestions and options. Private tours can be for some members of the family or a small group of people a great opportunity to travel together for unforgettable moments ...

We can arrange hotel accommodations for your stay in Israel, both throughout the tour and a few moments of relaxation in one of the many resorts in the country. We are associated with many of the best hotels in the country and can help you find the price range and level that suits you.

The advantage of a private tour is to be given the opportunity to determine what you want and when you want to. But you also have the possibility to make of the tour, your own guestbook.

Booking a tour across the country, is to let us be your eyes in Israel for tours with high quality, personalized service from your airport transfers

(for a minimum of 10 people)

Our rates decrease according to the number of group

(Double room, half board per person).

Calendrier,Israel DEPARTURES FOR THE YEAR: 2018 / 2019

Please contact us for departures other than those proposed (above)


  TOTAL of: 8 days & 7 nights,  - 5 % of the price - Limited Offer until: 12/27 - 2018


Total Cost Net

BUS / Places


between 10 to 14 pers.

1 405 €



between 15 to 19 pers

1 390 €



between 20 to 24 pers.

1 370 €



between 25 to 29 pers.

1 350 €



between 30 to 34 pers.

1 325 €



between 35 to 39 pers.

1 300 €



between 40 to 44 pers.

1 250 €



between 45 to 49 pers.

1 200 €



Supplément chambre individuelle: 259€/Pers.

Enfant (-12 ans) partageant la chambre des parents, réduction de taux d’heures de -25%.

Supplément pour les dates suivantes:

Du, 18/3 et 1/4, veuillez s'il vous plaît rajouter 25€ par personne sur les taux mentionnés ci-dessus et de 30€ pour le supplément single et....
Du 28/10/14, veuillez s'il vous plaît rajouter 15€ par personne sur les taux mentionnés (ci-dessus).


Notre tarif comprend:

  • L’accueil et assistance dès l'arrivée à l'aéroport de Ben-Gurion TLV par notre représentant
  • Les transferts de et vers l'aéroport Ben-Gurion sans le guide
  • Porteur vers l'aéroport et les hôtels
  • 7 nuitées (voir au-dessus) des hôtels mentionnés ou similaires
  • 5 jours complets de visites selon vos jours de programmes attachés en langue française par un Guide touristique privé.
  • Visite d’une journée complète selon le jour de votre programme 5 avec guide parlant français, tournée palestinien.
  • Car climatisé de luxe.
  • Arrangement Repas: Demi-pension avec petit-déjeuner buffet israélien complet et dîners dans les hôtels quotidiens. Le jour 5 au lieu de dîner à l’hôtel, dîner avec une famille palestinienne. 1 home-made déjeuné avec Amana à Kfar Kara, 1 déjeuner léger à Jéricho. Commençant par le dîner le jour d'arrivée et se termine avec le petit déjeuner le jour du départ.
  • Les droits d'entrée des différents sites:
  • Parcs nationaux : Césarée, Banias, Ein-Gedi, Massada (par téléphérique dans les deux sens); Beit Ha-Gefen à Haïfa, Acre, Rosh Hanikra, Bethléem et Jéricho des sites, Yad-Vashem, Winery. Misgav Am (jour 3) et Cercle des Parents (jour 7) qu'à partir de 15 Pax.
  • Kit Tourisgroup comprenant: 1 sac, 1 Stylo, 1 chapeau, 1 badge et 1 carte. (1 T-shirt - en option)

Sont exclus du tarif :

  • Le vol aérien (Devis: selon les dates et lieux de départs)
  • Les éventuels taxes aériennes des vols
  • Les frais de visa
  • Les assurances (seront automatiquement rajouté lors des réservations des vols aériens)
  • Les dépenses de nature personnelle
  • Les repas tout au long du circuit autres que ceux mentionnés ci-dessus
  • Les pourboires du chauffeur, du guide et du personnel des hôtels et restaurants
  • Le supplément single
  • Le port des bagages
  • Tout autre prestation ne figurant pas dans la liste de nos tarifs.

Notre offre est basée sur les chambres d'hôtel suivantes ou similaire où mentionnées :

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